Hammers for ALL Occasions


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: September 4-7

Tuition: $500

Material fee: $60

Skill level: Seasoned Beginner and up, must have some tool making skill



            There is a time and place in a smith’s life of work for many different types of Hammers. We will explore the range of hammers one may need. Starting with an understanding of the design, weight distribution and the development of tooling needed to create the hammer. Beginning with a basic “chasing” hammer, next to the swift “repousse’ ” hammer and then finally to the master of ceremony, the “forging” hammer. Along the way you may find the need or desire to repeat some with different features for different needs. Heat treat, finish and hafting will be covered as well. This course is well suited for someone who has tried their hand at tool making and some heavier punching and drifting and knows what to expect with this type of work.

             Imagine the life time of satisfaction when a hammer you made is always in your hand.