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Beginner Blacksmithing: July 2528

 Beginner Blacksmithing
Heat, Beat, Repeat
Nick Rossi
Class runs: July 25-28
Tuition: $500.00
Material fee: $40.00
Skill level: Beginner and up
FULL as of 3/3 , please click ENROLL NOW to join the waitlist

In this intro level class we will focus on the core processes of blacksmithing, drawing, bending, upsetting, cutting, punching, drifting, twisting and forge welding. We will take these steps and repeat them many times, through repetition you will gain proficiency, you will gain better hammer control and a better understanding blacksmithing. As the class progresses, we will combine the steps in different ways to create a different result. This class will be more focused on gaining confidence at the anvil with minimal tools; the test pieces we work on will become our completed project, but more importantly you will have the knowledge to start and complete simple projects on your own.