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** NEW** Beginner Blacksmithing with Roberta Elliott: June 12-15

Beginners Blacksmithing
"Hitting A Moving Target"
Roberta Elliott
Class runs: June 12-15
Tuition: $550
Material fee: $40
Skill level: Beginner and up 
4 spaces left as of 4/18 

The goal of this class is to familiarize the student with the tools and techniques that are employed by the blacksmith. You will learn how to optimize using our smaller size and how to use the heat of the fire to our advantage.  We will focus on finess instead of strength to get the results we want.   Starting with J and S hooks, you will develop hammer control and a good aim.  Forging a plant hook "on the diamond" will come next.

When more strength is needed to forge a pair of tongs your will learn how to use the power hammer.  This is like using a big sewing machine.    Next forge welding a fire poker brings out the magic in blacksmithing.  Another use of more finesse than strength. Then comes cutting a shovel blank with the big nail clippers, a Beverly Shear.  Now is when you get to start exploring what you have learned and enjoy most to forge a handle of your own design.   I will demonstrate some optional projects to give you some more ideas for this.



Roberta was trained as a farrier before she decided to become an artist/blacksmith in 1980. She likes teaching beginners and watching them experience the same joy and satisfaction she has found in blacksmithing. Roberta has won numerous awards for her work and has demonstrated for many groups in the Midwest and in the East as well as being a feature demonstrator the the 2014 ABANA conference.

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