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*NEW* NESM Introduction to Blacksmithing: May 15-26

NESM Introduction to Blacksmithing

NEW CLASS         with          NEW CLASS

Dereck Glaser 

Class runs: May 15-26 (no class on weekend in between)

Tuition: $1100

Material fee: $100

Skill level: Beginner and up

1 space left as of 5/12


       You may elect to enroll in this course as individual "Beginner" and "Intermediate" level course if you can not take the entire 2 week course.

       Out of the frying pan and into the “Fire”. Why do little dances in the frying pan when we can jump into the fire pot and kick the coke around?

       This comprehensive two week course is well suited for the student who has the ambition to pick and run with this craft. Within the two weeks we will cover all of the fundamental processes of blacksmithing and take them further. Extensions of the basic skills will see us learning and completing exercises and projects in botanical forms, tool making, scrollwork and joinery. As a student within this comprehensive curriculum; you can expect to leave with a very well rounded view of this craft and an enlightened perspective of where to go with their potential career. Lectures and slide shows will complement the shop work as well as discussions of the long term ideas, skills and expectations of someone wanting to approach this craft to make a living at it. All of the concerns of safety and tool and equipment operation will be covered extensively. Students will become proficient in operating both coal and gas forges and power hammer use. 



Dereck has been blacksmithing full and/or part time since 1985. Educated as an old-school hands on Industrial Arts teacher as well as running his own business, Dereck has had the opportunities to be exposed and work with dozens of blacksmiths in several areas of study. Upon finishing a six year Jourenymenship, working in and for several shops between Ohio and New Jersey, Dereck finally found his place in Maine and in round about events help found the New England School of Metalwork in 2000. While maintaining a home business Dereck has directed all power to the forward shields; building the school and the community which supports the school to foster and strengthen the future of Blacksmithing.


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