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**NEW** Prepare to BOARD !! with Med Chandler: July 23-27

Prepare to Board!! –Pirate Tools-


Med Chandler

Class runs: July 23-27

Tuition: $550

Material Fee: $40

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up, must be proficient at basics


  You hear the cry “Prepare to Board” and lay hold of your grappling hook and boarding axe and prepare for action!

      This fun class will focus on the tools used by pirates and sailors alike in the 17th and 18th century for naval warfare. Some of the projects we will tackle will be a pair of shackles, a grappling hook and a boarding axe. Through each project we will work on becoming more efficient at the forge and anvil, the techniques we will explore will be, drawing, bending, punching, drifting and forge welding. Students will find several exercises to suite their comfort level and improve their skills, we will only be limited by time and imagination! 


Images to follow


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