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*NEW* Something from Nothing: Aug. 15-17

Something from Nothing


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: August 15-17

Tuition: $400

Material fee: $30

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up


3 spaces left as of 7/24

    It was once said by a British solder during WW1, held down in a trench for weeks on end, “We have done so much, for so long, with so little; we can now do anything with nothing”.

     This saying heralds the skill and insight of the Blacksmith. We are going to use our ingenious talents to re-forge, re-bend, re-make, re-use and repurpose metal objects into a whole new and different object. Some may be artistic or sculptural and some may be quite useful. Students may feel free to bring some of their own “found” metal objects. We will discuss “junk yard steels” how to identify deal with them in the forge for safety sake.

      The depth of each project will be student skill based. With some basics under your belt you have the skills to start bringing the changes you envision to a reality.

     Surely a lot of creative and fun designs will be discovered by creating something from what may be perceived as “nothing”. No such thing to a Blacksmith’s eye.