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Tool Forging for the Smith: December 4-7

Tool Forging for the Blacksmith; Lvl 1


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: December 4-7

Tuition: $500.00

Material fee: $50.00  

Skill Level: Seasoned beginner and up, must know your basics



Grab this oppurtunity to make your very own set of blacksmithing tools.

For a craftsmen to be successful at a trade that uses metal, one must be able to produce the tooling required for the job at hand.  This class will address the issue of today's blacksmith needing tools.  We will forge 2 styles of tongs, wolf jaw and bolt end or V-bit style tongs.  Tools to follow will include, cross-peen hammers, hot chisels, hot punches, bending forks, cold chisels, center punches, scroll pliers ans scribe. Related tools of blacksmithing you need help with may be covered given the time available. The class will use simple tool steels and mild steels. Mostly hand forging will done and safety primers to power hammer use and allowence of the power hammer for appropriate needs.

  Basic Metalurgy for steels will be discussed and hardening and tempering and proper heat treatment will be covered for several tools. Be prepared to come with needs and leave with tools. This will be a very challenging class for a beginner with NO experience, I  recommend you know your basics for this class.

Dereck Glaser started blacksmithing at the age of fifteen. Primarily self-taught for many years through college, where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Art Education. For several years Dereck worked his way through various architectural blacksmith shops between Ohio and New Jersey as manager or head smith. He has demonstrated at several regional events and taught classes at other craft schools. Now the Director of the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn Maine, Dereck has realigned his direction to do everything possible to promote the education of artistic and historic metalwork. He also continues to run his own studio, DG Forge, executing custom architectural metalwork and sculpture. More on Dereck Glaser