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*NEW* Tools of the Trade with Med Chandler: March 20-23

 Tools of the Trade
*** NEW*** "The Carpenter's Tool Box" ***NEW***
Med Chandler
Class runs: March 20-23
Tuition: $550
Material fee: $50
Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up
3 spaces left as of 2/16
Don't miss this unique course offering !!

There is nothing more rewarding than using tools that you have made yourself - in this class we will do just that. We will focus on some of the basic tools used in all areas of woodworking whether building a small box or a ship. Starting out we’ll forge a marking knife, then move onto a carpenter’s square. After that we will dive into wood chisels and finally we will forge a claw hammer and/or a hand adze. Starting with the basic forging concepts and gradually adding more important and technical processes, the techniques taught and used in the course are the foundation of the Blacksmith and will become an invaluable addition to anyone interested in tool making or blacksmithing in general. This will be a fun, fast-paced class requiring some solid experience in forging techniques (Seasoned Beginner), especially in coal forge use and forge welding. Students will find several exercises to suite their comfort level and improve their skills, we will only be limited by time and imagination! 


 In 2003 Med started blacksmithing at The Fort At No. 4 living history museum in Charlestown, NH. In 2006 he moved to Maine and worked at the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, while there he was making tools for boat builders and hardware for wooden boats, as well as participating in the state of  Maine apprentice shipwright program. In 2007 an opportunity opened up to work at Ball and Ball Reproductions in Exton Pennsylvania. Now having established Ship's Coy Forge in New Hampshire,  Med's focus is on traditional techniques, mastering the hammer and anvil, creating custom designed pieces as well as continuing to reproduce original ironwork and functional tools.


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