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Bladesmithing Classes 2018

Our Bladesmithing Program

As with all evolution, the growth and now birth of a separate Bladesmithing Program at the New England School of Metalwork has brought yet another endless source of inspiration and energy to the school. Bladesmithing is an integral part of the blacksmiths trade, as such our workshop offerings through the years have snowballed into a following and resurgence of the highest level of our craft. We will be continuing to offer more and interesting workshops in this field as well as related topics such as handles, guards, fittings, castings, engraving, Wootz, Pattern welded steel development and others. We are confident that this program will continue to evolve with your help and support. Further development of the tooling and equipment has already begun, a donation of a hydraulic forging press, additional belt grinders, and custom made heat treating equipment are just a few of the new acquisitions. Most courses run from 8am to 5pm daily with a one hour break for lunch.

Safety is of great importance, a full leather shoe or boot is mandatory as well as full length pants. NESM will provide any necessary PPE needed including safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs, dust masks and face shields.


On August 22, 2009 the American Bladesmith Society Board of Directors unanimously voted to certify and accredit the New England School of Metalwork as the third school in the country to offer their course of study. We are proud to have forged this relationship and believe it will benefit a large portion of our audience. We offer a full assortment of ABS certified courses, taught only by ABS Masters.
For further information concerning the ABS Journeymen and Master Certification process please contact them through the ABS website