Certified by the American Bladesmith Society

Introduction to Bladesmithing


ABS Master Bladesmiths

Week 1: Brion Tomberlin

Week 2: Christoph Deringer

Class runs: August 20-31

Tuition: $1,300

Material fee: $120

Monday through Friday, 8am—5pm each day, no class on weekend

Skill level: Beginner and up 

FULL as of 2/19, please click ENROLL NOW to join the wait list

         This  two  week  course  is  designed  for anyone interested in making high quality  hand  forged  blades  and  includes lecture and hands on work, all taught  by  ABS  Master Smiths.  Metal  selection, blade function and different blade design will be discussed. Hand forging to shape, normalizing, heat  treating,  grinding and tempering will all be taught. These semi-finished blades will be tested for their cutting ability, edge holding, hardness and flexibility.  Handles and guards are not apart of this course but be thouroughly discussed and students should be prepared to venture into a handles and guards course next.

       Students should be able to make a blade which will pass the equivalent of a Journeyman Smith Performance Test. Successful completion of this course will reduce the required three (3) year waiting period as an ABS Apprentice member by one (1) year and will be eligible to submit their knives for ABS Journeyman Smith judging in two (2) years.


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For further information about the ABS testing and training procedures please  visit the American Bladesmith's website.