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*NEW* Western Sword with Sam Salvati: Sept. 18-23

The Western Sword


Sam Salvati
Class runs: September 18-23
Tuition: $700
 Material Fee: $85
Skill level: Intermediate Bladesmithing or Blacksmithing skills required! 
FULL as of 6/27, please click ENROLL NOW to join the waitlist

         The sword is an object that stirs a deep passion in many. The tradition and history of swordmaking is both an expression of the highest art and science equivalent to that involved in the architecture of a cathedral, and an expression of the highest quality materials and workmanship of their time. They were the highest tech weapons of olden days, and in shape and design followed the evolution of the armor of the day.

        The focus of this class will be on introducing the student to the forging, grinding, tooling and the techniques involved with making of the archetypal European Single Handed Cruciform Style Sword, a sword suited for cutting and thrusting. Information on historic techniques of hilting and mounting the handle will be covered. Be prepared for alot of work! But fun also. Participants need to have intermediate forging skills to participate in the class.

     Sam Salvati has been blacksmithing for seven years, for the past three professionally. Shaping steel to him is both therapeutic and inspiring and he is passionate for blacksmithing and bladesmithing. Sam is engaged by almost all aspects of steel working, from welding and machining to heavy industrial forging to fine artistic forging, but bladesmithing holds a special place for him. He has always been fascinated by swords of knights and samurai, and the traditional utility blades of all different cultures. Through researching bladesmithing Sam came upon blacksmithing and found a double passion that now he is lucky enough to do professionally.