Trial BY Fire

"Simple projects for the home blacksmith"


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: May 26-29

Tuition: $425

Material fee: $40

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and Up, a basic course helpful


Enter the arena for a fun filled but fast paced few days. One project each day. Projects will include a three legged trivet, a Five Hook Rack and multi-use bracket designed by you. Several aspects of forging fundamentals will be utilized many times, tapering, punching, splitting, shouldering, riveting, and some forge welding. Repetition of these will provide opportunities for you to refine your skills. Students should have a little bit of basic blacksmithing skill or have had our beginner’s course to ensure proper success. All will leave will useful and handsome items for you home.




We think we did pretty well on these 2020 instructors and topics. Hope you think so too! Peruse and enroll. Link in sig. #newenglandschoolofmetalwork #blacksmith #bladesmith #forged@jenniferdepollo taught a fantastic workshop this past week! Some fantastic student work! #blacksmith #botanicals #forged #handskillsHere’s one of our favorite regulars Manuel starting the day forging flowers in @jenniferdepollo’s fantastic workshop this week. #forgingflowers #botanical #educationImpressive knives from a great class! Integral Chef with Nick Rossi. #integralchef #forged #buildituseitSome stills from Lee’s class. #leesauder #ironsmelting #somethingfromnothingSo not only did we make 4 blooms of iron, Lee guided us through remelting all the bits that fell off the blooms in forging and carburizing it in this smaller furnace. We were able to make some beautiful high carbon material! #homemadesteel #makesometoolsLee Sauder is amazing asset to our community and it was a pleasure to have him back for another smelting workshop. This is the climax, when a big beautiful bloom of Iron gets brought into the world! #bloomerysmelting #oretoiron #nothingtosomethingRED hammer faces, means one thing, it’s Smelting Week at NESM.  Busting up ore and making clay, the foundations of a successful smelt. Thank you Lee Sauder !!ya#newenglandschoolofmetalwork #acienttechnology #ironsmelting #gettingdirtyAwesome Gladius class from @samsalvati_bs! These things are scary sharp! Great job fellas! #handforged #gladius #bladesmith #blacksmith