Beginner Bladesmithing “Fighting Knife


Nick Rossi  JS

Class runs: June 16-19  Canceled due to Covid Quarantine

Tuition: $525

Materials and Fees: $60

Skill Level: Beginner and up, some blacksmithing experience recommended


   From the Randall Model 1 to the Moran ST 23, fighting knives have been depended on by servicemen and women and treasured by collectors. This intense four day class will focus on the forging skills needed for bladesmithing using 1084 high carbon steel. Full tang blades with slab handle construction will be the primary project. A focus on better hand forging skills, grinding, and proper heat treatment will be the core of the class. Basic handle construction, materials, fitting, filing and finish will be covered, it may be possible for students to leave with one completely finished blade based on skill level. A minimum of a beginners blacksmithing workshop is recommended