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Our Welding Lab

   PLEASE NOTE: As of September 1, our registration/processing fee will be $30. We will also be having a new and comprehensive online registration process streamlining your registration experience and leaving more time for us to teach and maintain the shop. Thank you

 Welcome to the Welding Program at the New England School of Metalwork! Our goal is to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to consistently produce high quality welds. Approximately 10% of each course is spent in the classroom learning the technical aspects of welding. Classroom topics include welding safety, electrode classification, weld metal transfers, process technique, shielding gases, and basic troubleshooting. Most of the class is devoted to hands on training in the welding booths. Here students learn how to strike and maintain an arc that results in a correctly sized weld bead.

Safety is extremely important in our programs. All students are required to wear long pants and full leather shoe or boot, steel toes maybe required. Students will need to provide their own basic protective equipment – welding helmet, jacket, gloves, safety glasses, and beanie.  Weld spatter and slag are HOT! COVER UP!

Our night classes meet either on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. All night courses are eight sessions in length – 24 hours total.

A student must complete the basic courses or pass an assessment test in order to enroll in the intermediate and advanced level classes. The prerequisite requirements are listed for each process we offer.
       Aside from our standard daytime and evening classes, the New England School of Metalwork prides itself on offering many of the companies in New England the very liberal opportunity of customized training. For companies who are entering a new field of welding for a particular job or for certifying their people in any number of codes, we can help. For AWS, ASME or API, we can develop and schedule training for you out of Auburn location. Call Warren Swan at 207-753-1360 for further details.


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